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Who I write like (Full circle)

kk, i know i haven't updated Full Circle in forever (Im sorry! Dx) but i finally got my computer fixed, so i'm working on it HONEST! anyways, i found this cool site ( where you can put in a bit of you're writing, and it'll tell you what famous author you write like. So i plugged in my favorite or best scenes from each chapter (they're a bit out of order) and this is what i came up with....

Isabelle woke the next morning to the smell of fresh coffee and the sound of clanging pots and pans in the kitchen. Bleary eyed, she made her way downstairs and into the Parks' kitchen where Chung Ae was hard at work making breakfast. Isabelle went to the cupboards and took down two mugs and filled tham with coffee. She fixed hers with milk and two spoons of sugar, and the other with just four spoons of sugar, then she took both to the table and sat down. A few minutes later Mr. Park stumbled down the stairs and managed to make it to the table and into a chair. Then Chung Ae took everything off the stove and moved it to the table, and breakfast was ready. Once Mr. Park had a few eggs and some coffee in him and was a bit more awake, he gave Isabelle a funny look.
Stephen King

Outside on the back patio, Isabelle took a seat in her favorite chair. Holding the mug close, she inhaled the smell of the coffee, remembering. Isabelle had never really liked the taste of coffee, that's why she always put flavored creamer in hers. She couldn't understand why Jun Ki liked his the way he did. When they first met, he always drank plain black coffe. Once, out of curiosity, she had stolen a sip from his mug. Jun Ki had laughed at her when she flinched at the bitter taste.
"What, don't like real coffee?" he teased. Isabelle stuck her tongue out at her friend as she sat back down, pulling her cup closer to her.
"I've got real coffee right here, thank you very much." she replied, gesturing to her drink. He shrugged, then reached for the sugar and began pouring it into his coffee. "What are you doing?" Isabelle asked him.
"Just wait." he replied with a grin, stirring his coffee. Taking a long drink, a wicked smile crossed his lips. Jun Ki motioined for her to come closer, as if he were going to tell her a secret. She leaned in with a similar smirk, and he swiftly planted his lips on hers. That was the moment their relationship really started, and from that day on, Jun Ki always added sugar to his coffee in the mornings, and his kissed were always soft and sweet.

Pulling herself out of lost memories, Isabelle finished the coffee, then headed back inside to get dressed for the day. She was going to have a lot of paperwork to do before the funerals, and the sooner she started, the sooner it would be over with.

Margaret Mitchell (wrote Gone With The Wind)

Rather than taking the elevator where she'd be stuck alone with her thoughts, Isabelle decided to take the stairs. Three flights down though, she started getting tired.
'Maybe this wasn't such a brilliant idea' She thought to herself. But the exercise and the burning in her legs had kept her mind off her lost family, so she kept going. Rounding the corner to start the last flight of stairs to the lobby, however, she collided with what felt like a brick wall that was coming up the stairs and fell. Glancing up from her place on the floor, she found herself looking at one Kiim Jaejoon, of the popular boyband TVXQ.
"Are you alright?" he asked. Isabelle had to grin. The absurdity of the question in the situation was just too amusing for someone as sarcastic as her to pass up.
"Well," she started, "My husband and only child are dead, I don't have a job, I can't go home because I don't have a car, and I've just been knocked flat on my ass by one of Asia's finest. But other than that, I think I'll be ok."
"Well, allow me to remedy at least one of those problems." He said, reaching to help her up.

William Gibson

Jun Ki's death scene from chapter 2. (didn't feel like retyping the whole thing. LJ won't let me copy and paste for some reason....)
Stephenie Meyer (FML. that was one of my favorite scenes too. T-T i'm gonna go die now....)

SPOLER ALERT!!!!!!! I didn't realize until after i put this in here that i haven't posted chapter 6 yet. Read that first!

"Freude means Sunshine, It's a german word. It's also the name of my brother's pet python!" She told him between her laughter, "We went to visit my brother earlier that year, and for Freude and Chin Ho, it was love at first sight. The whole two weeks we were there you wouldn't find one without the other. Ever since we came back, Chin Ho has just LOVED snakes." The pair laughed. Feeling happier than she had in days, Isabelle finished her lunch with her new friend, then accepted his offer to give her a ride back to the office. This day was turning out to be much better than she expected.
Margaret Mitchell

"Hey, Bellie!" She squealed. Isabelle hated it when Hyori called her that. The annoying habit had started when she was pregnant with Chin Ho. Hyori had been telling everyone that she was just getting fat, and eventually had everyone on the set using the new name.
"So, Bellie, where's your husband at? did he leave  you for someone prettier, more talented, and infinitely richer? Or maybe he's out with some secret lover?" Hyori taunted, batting her sickeningly long fake eyelashes. It had become a habit of hers to imply to Isabelle that she had been having an affair with Jun Ki, but Isabelle knew better.
"You missed one hell of a party while you were away. Last Friday we had a great time together...."
Isabelle had to fight back tears at Hyori's last statement. Friday was the night of the accident. Isabelle could only take so much crap at once, and this woman was about to push her over the edge. She whipped around, glaring through her tears.
"I don't believe you. I never have, and I never will. And if you had been with him Friday night, you'd be in your grave by now, take my word for it." Isabelle hissed. Then she turned and marched out of the hospital, leaving a very confused Hyori behind her, determined not to let her see the tears about to fall.
Once outside, Isabelle headed to the corner, intending to catch a can, but ended up catching a passing jogger when he nearly ran over her. The pair stumbled to a stop, the jogger holding Isabelle so she wouln't fall, but the shock of the collision sent the unshed tears streaming down her face.
"Twice in one day? I might start to think you're following me." Came a voice from above her. Isabelle looked up to discover that it was none other than Jaejoong keeping her from crashing to the ground.
"We really have got to stop meeting like this." He was smiling, but after one look at Isabelle, he know something was wrong.
"Woah, hey, are you ok?" he asked, pulling Isabelle upright. She nodded, wiping tears from her face. "What happened?"
"The biggest pain-in-my-ass of an actress happened." She growled. "That woman has hated me for years. She just won't give me a break! Just because she had a thing for my husband doesn't mean she has to go out of her way to be rude."
"What woman?"
Isabelle sighed. If she told Jaejoong, and Hyori found out, she'd never hear the end of it. It was best to leave names out of it.
"It doesn't matter, it's over." She told him. Jaejoong frowned. Obviously this was a bigger deal than Isabelle was saying, but if she didn't want to tell him, he wasn't going to press for information.

Cory Doctorow

After the run-in at the Hospital, Isabelle wasn't in the mood for anymore drama that day. All she wanted was to finish the rest of that paperwork and move on. After she left the hopital, she went back to the Parks' and packed up all of her stuff, determined to go home that night, whether Chung Ae liked it or not. Chung Ae pleaded and argued with Isabelle, trying to convince her to stay at least one more night, and even Mr. Park agreed that Isabelle shouldn't go back s soon, but Isabelle wasn't having any of it. She loaded all of her bags into the cab, and told the Parks that tomorrow she wanted to make the big announcement, leaving no room for debate. Then she left, preparing to face the hardest night of her life.
The house was dark when she got there. It almost seemed lifeless. Just looking at it made Isabelle's heart break all over again, knowing that she was going to have to sleep alone n her home for the first time in four years. Part of her wanted to turn around and go back to the warm, inviting home of the Parks, but she knew that it wasn't an option. She had to do this, or she was never going to be able to move on. So she grabbed all of her luggage from the cab and made her way to the front door, dreading every step. Her hands shook when she unlocked the door, and the familiar creak that had announced Jun Ki's arrical for so long now seemed ominous. As soon as she stepped inside she was overwhelmed with waves of memories, so strong she felt like she would break down all over again. She didn't bother unpacking, instead just leaving it all by the door, and she eventually made her way back to her bedroom. Chin Ho's toys were scattered around, like they usually were. The boy had never liked sleeping in his own room, he preferred to sleep between his parents in their bed. Isabelle picked up his favorite toy, a beanie-baby snake that had been a christmas present from her brother, and curled up with it on the bed, eventually drifting to sleep.

Stephen King

     After breakfast the two headed back to the main office building. Jaejoong was meeting up with the rest of his group before they started rehearsals, and Isabelle really didn't have anywhere else to go, so she figured she'd hang around for most of the day and see if she could find something to do.
She was about to go get lunch when she ran into Jaejoong again. They chatted for a while about their day until Isabelle heard an agitated voice calling her name. She turned around and saw a very pissed off Lee Hyori marching toward her with absolute hate in her eyes.
"You BITCH!!! First you steal MY Jun Ki away from me, then you have to go and have that darling little baby of his, now i find out that he's DEAD! Why the f*ck didn't anybody tell me?! What have you been doing this whole week, huh?! You probably never even cared about him. You were only in it for the money, weren't you? F*cking American slut."
Hyori raised her hand to slap Isabelle, but Jaejoong caught her hand before it hit.
"That's enough. You have no right to come in here and start screaming at people just because you didn't get something you wanted. Isabelle's had a rough week, and the last thing she needs is more stress, so if you have anything you need to say, you say it to me."
"Well would you look at that! Bellie's got herself a boyfriend! Husband hasn't been dead a week and you're already moving on to the next of the flower boys." Hyori sneered at them, jerking her hand out of Jaejoong's grip. It took everything Isabelle had to not knock the other woman into next week, and beside her, Jaejoong had started twitching.

"I think it's time for you to leave." Jaejoong said, stepping between the two women. Hyori glared at him, but ultimately decided that she didn't want to fight with Jaejoong, and left. Almost instantly, Isabelle collapsed against the wall with tears streaming down her face. Jaejoong gently pulled her to him, encasing her in the most warm and comforting hug he could give. Then he let go and grabbed her hand instead.
David Foster Wallace

So, overall, I write suspenseful romance with depressing gothic undertones.....? wierd....

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