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Full Circle Chapter 6

YAY! It's finally up! ...ok, so really i had this for months and never realized that i didn't post it. DX So to make up for it, i'm gonna post a preview of another story i've been working on for a bit. If you like this, you'll like that.


After the run-in at the Hospital, Isabelle wasn't in the mood for anymore drama that day. All she wanted was to finish the rest of that paperwork and move on. After she left the hospital, she went back to the Parks' and packed up all of her stuff, determined to go home that night, whether Chung Ae liked it or not. Chung Ae pleaded and argued with Isabelle, trying to convince her to stay at least one more night, and even Mr. Park agreed that Isabelle shouldn't go back so soon, but Isabelle wasn't having any of it. She loaded all of her bags into the cab, and told the Parks that tomorrow she wanted to make the big announcement, leaving no room for debate. Then she left, preparing to face the hardest night of her life.

The house was dark when she got there. It almost seemed lifeless. Just looking at it make Isabelle's heart break all over again, knowing that she was going to have to sleep alone in her home for the first time in four years. Part of her wanted to turn around and go back to the warm, inviting home of the Parks, but she knew that it wasn't an option. She had to do this, or she was never going to be able to move on. So she grabbed all of her luggage from the cab and made her way to the front door, dreading every step. Her hands shook when she unlocked the door, and the familiar creak that had announced Jun Ki's arrival for so long now seemed ominous. As soon as she stepped inside she was overwhelmed with waves of memories, so strong she felt like she would break down all over again. She didn't bother unpacking, instead just leaving it all by the door, and she eventually made her way back to her bedroom. Chin Ho's toys were scattered around, like they usually were. The boy had never liked sleeping in his own room, he preferred to sleep between his parents in their bed. Isabelle picked up his favorite toy, a beanie-baby snake that had been a christmas present from her brother, and curled up with it on the bed, eventually drifting to sleep.


Lights flashed and sirens screamed, inside the ambulance a small team of paramedics tended to the two children. The girl was sore and tired, and her breathing was raspy due to all the smoke she had inhaled, but otherwise she was fine. Chin Ho, however, had been exposed to the smoke and flames much longer than she had, and was barely breathing on his own. His hair and clothes were singed, and he even had a few burns here and there. The paramedics were worried that he wouldnm't make it to the hospital alive, and were more worried about him, but he insisted that they take care of the other child first.

"Daddy's gone, isn't he?" he asked. The medic who had been taking care of him looked uncomfortable, searching for something to say.

"It's okay, I know he's gone. I saw the roof fall. You don't have to try to make me feel better, I already know." The medic was unsure what to say to this. How do you comfort a child who has already accepted a parent's death?

"Will you put me with my daddy when I die?" At this, the medic had to say something.

"Don't say things like that, you're not giong to die." She said, although she knew that saving the boy was going to be difficult, and that there was a good chance that he wouldn't make it.

"We're going to take you to the hospital. You'll be ok there." She told him. Chin Ho shook his head.

"You know that's not true. I want to go with my daddy when I die." The woman was speechless. This child had accepted not only his father's death, but his own. The boy couldn't be more than four or five years old; that he could be so mature and calm in the given situation was a miracle!

"Hey, will you do something for me? When mommy comes back, tell her not to be sad. I don't want mommy to be sad." After these words, Chin Ho's bagan to cough uncontrollably, so the other doctor gave him something, and eventually he lost conciousness. The medic was in tears at this point, not knowing what she could possibly do for the boy. Almost as if in response, a single tear rolled down the boy's cheek, and his heart moniter went flat.


Isabelle jerked awake, the nightmare still flashing in front of her eyes, trying to figure out just what had woken her. Finally she realized that her phone was ringing.

"Hello?" she answered sleepily.

"Isabelle?" The voice on the other end seemed familiar to Isabelle, but she couldn't figure out how he would have her number.


"That would be me." he answered. Isabelle could hear the grin in his voice.

"How the hell did you get my number?" she asked, confused.

"Shamed Mr. Park's wife into giving it to me when I heard you'd gone home. They said you were usually up pretty early, so I thought I'd call and see how you were. Did I wake you?"

"Oh, no, I was already awake." Isabelle lied. Truthfully she was glad he had called when he did. She was still a bit shook up from the dream. "Look, I'll meet you in a bit at that restaurant we went to the other day, alright?"

"So, 7:30-ish?" he asked. 7:30 sounded good to Isabelle, so she said she'd see him there, then the two said their goodbyes and hung up. Isabelle was NOT looking forward to what she knew was coming, so she dressed comfortably in jeans and an old t-shirt, too lazy to put on anything else. She figured that if she was going to have her heart broken all over again she could wear whatever the hell she wanted if it made her feel better. As an afterthought she pulled out one of Jun Ki's old jackets, slipping it on and pulling it close around her. She discovered that the soft fabric still smelled like Jun Ki. Warm and sweet, but undeniably masculine. It was everything that Jun Ki was, and it was comforting. Isabelle allowed herself to sink back into old memories, imagining being in his arms, before she pulled herself back. She was supposed to be at the restaurant at 7:30, and it was already almost 7.

Alrighty! that's all done, here's your preview for the next fic! Not telling what it's about yet though. You gotta either wait or try to figure it out yourself. XD


Now this case was starting to make sense. Amiya still didn't like it, but she was willing to help this guy if he was willing to try and make a change.

"Ok, I'll take the set." she told her boss. T.O.P. grinned. He knew she would say yes eventually. She had never refused a job before, no matter how busy she got, and he knew that this was going to be no different. They made a quick schedule and T.O.P. got to started to make some necessary phone calls to let their new clients know. Amiya waved at her boss and returned to her office, then shut everything down and got ready to go home. On her way out the door, she heard someone calling her name. Turning around, she saw Siwon poke his head out of his office.

"Hey Amiya, Taeyeon and Kibum and i were going out for dinner later. You wanna come with us?" He asked hopefully. Amiya smiled, but shook her head.

"Nah, I've got three new cases tomorrow, and i need to get some sleep. Those two will never let me leave before 11, and i don't want to be half asleep meeting my first client."

Siwon tried his best to cover up his dissappointment with a smile, and nodded understandingly.

"Yeah, if you've got a lot of work to do it's best if you go home early."


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