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Stupid Cupid - OnHo oneshot

 Pairing = OnHo, Prompt = Heechul
From Shinee Random Pairing Prompt Generator

Pairing: Onew/Minjung
Rating: pg
Summary: Heechul's up to something, and it's pissing Minjung off.

Heechul had been taking cockblocking lessons from Changmin. Minjung was sure of it. Every time she tried to get the attention of one of her seniors, Heechul was there, being an even bigger pain in the ass than Kyuhyun. And that was something that took some serious effort. Why was he doing this? She didn't know. Maybe he liked her. Maybe he hated her guts. Maybe he was trying to "protect her innocence" or some shit like that. But whatever his reason, it was getting old, fast. The only guys she could really talk to without being herded away were the younger artists and trainees, which made for decent conversation, but Minjung only went for older men. And then there was Onew. Heechul seemed to go missing anytime she was around Onew, which was a relief, but the man wasn't even her type. Minjung liked boys who were outgoing and competitive. Sporty guys, guys she could go and cheer on from the side of the field. Onew was quiet, studious, and rather clumsy if she was being honest. Not the kind of guy she looked for at all. But she was growing tired of the juniors and their developing crushes, and so she found herself spending more and more time with SHINee's dorky leader. As different as they were, they still found things to talk about, ranging from the fact that they both slept on their backs but neither one of them snored, to whether they prefered pancakes or waffles, to who they thought would win on Music Bank. And miraculously, Heechul never once interrupted them. The longer he left them alone, the more they found they had in common with each other. They both liked the color green, they both liked winter the best, they both cried watching Titanic (every time). And soon she found herself looking for Onew before any of the other seniors, and would decline requests to hang out from the other boys, even Eunhyuk and Donghae, who were her favorite seniors to go party with, in order to spend more time with Onew. She didn't even notice when Heechul stopped interrupting her conversations with the other artists, until one evening she happened to be chatting with Onew after a CF shooting they did together, and Heechul ran in looking for something or other, and abruptly stopped and left the room with a muttered apology for interrupting them. Minjung laughed to herself, considering Heechul's odd behavior.

"What's so funny?" Onew asked. Minjun shook her head, still giggling to herself.

"It seemed like every time I tried to talk to any of the seniors, Heechul would interrupt and be a really obvious third-wheel. I guess he just never caught us talking until now. Kinda weird huh?" She said. Onew laughed with her, making a mental note to thank his hyung later.

"So, do you wanna maybe do something together this weekend?"

Outside, Heechul grinned to himself hearing the phrase he'd been trying to coax out of the younger boy for months. Onew owed him big time, but for now the satisfaction of a job well done was enough for him. Heechul truly was SME's ultimate matchmaker. Striking those two off his mental list, he moved on to his next mission: getting BoA to go on a date with Yunho.

It looks really short, but it's actually 552 words, so it's more than a drabble, but still a really short oneshot. But it's my first one since i started writing fanfiction, so i'm rather proud of myself! XD
Tags: oneshot, sanshiba, shinee

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