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He shouldn't be taunting him. He knows it, and he knows that Key is going to give him hell later, but he can't help it. The look on their leader's face is just priceless while he stares at his phone in fierce concentration and attempts to decipher the maknae's strange texts.

ee oo no tuksutu me bak? Onew tried to mouth the words. Taemin had definitely been spending too much time texting and playing on the internet. It was starting to affect his spelling. What were these letters even supposed to mean??? He'd been getting weird texts from Taemin for the last few days, and it was starting to get old. Not to mention it was starting to fill up his inbox with virtually undreadable messages. Something had to be done.

An obnoxious beeping from his pocket reminded the ever-forgetful Maknae that he had forgotten to charge his phone, and his battery was pretty much dying. Hearing the devices pitiful wails for power, Onew grinned to himself. Now, when Taemin couldn't do a thing to stop him. Now was the time to act. Unbeknownst to their dancing mushroom boy, SHINee's leader spend the next hour or so sending texts, to the point that he almost wore out his own phone's battery.

Upon recharging his phone and turning it back on, Taemin was assaulted with a nonstop barrage of texts. For the next several hours, he could hardly get a look at the content of the messages, but it finally slowed down enough that he was able to read a few. What he found caused him to gasp in a mix of terror and confusion. He was looking at what seemed to be a repeating 6 page message from Anonymous, all in leetspeak. Eventually the rain of texts stopped, and when he had finally convinced himself that the netmob was not actually out to get him, he received one final text.

LOL u n00bz

....maybe Key was right about not spamming Onew's phone with shorthand afterall.....

so i wrote this at like 2 in the morning, so i'm sorry if it didn't make sense at all.
Done for a prompt from the SHINee Pairing/Prompt Generator, which gave me Onyoo/Taemin/LOL u n00bz
Tags: oneshot, prompted, sanshiba, shinee

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