sanshiba (sanshiba) wrote,

Puzzle Pieces

Rating: G
Genre: Family/Fluff
Pairing: Key/Minjung
Prompt: Key/Taemin/Puzzle Pieces from SHINee Random Pairing/Prompt Generator

Key ponders his relationship while playing with his son.

Life is kinda like a puzzle.

The thought strikes Kibum as he sits on the floor playing with his son. He watches as Taemin tries to put the pieces together to make the puppy shown on the box. Taemin tries a piece, turning it this way and that, only to make a face when he realizes it won't fit, and discards it in favor of another. I guess that's just how it goes thinks Kibum, realizing his past relationship have been rather like puzzle pieces that didn't fit, and were eventually cast aside. He remembers Eunsook, Taemin's mother, who loved them both, but simply wasn't ready to be a mother. Then there was Junghee, who didn't know the first thing about children, and unknowingly put Taemin in danger more than once. Key had kicked her out after Taemin had nearly choked because Junghee wasn't watching him. And then there was Gwiboon, who hadn't wanted anything to do with Taemin. It wasn't her child, so he wasn't her responsibility she had said. After three months of hiring babysitters and spending countless dollars on the high-maintenance woman on top of hardly ever seeing his son, Key had had enough, and promptly dumped her. All his past girlfriends gone, discarded like puzzle pieces that didn't fit. A light tug on his hand brought Kibum back to the present, where Taemin was sitting in front of an almost completed puzzle, blinking up at his father with a sad look on his face.

"What's the matter Taeminnie?" He asked.

"One of the squiggles is missing and I can't finish my picture." Taemin said sadly. The two looked all around and even searched the box, but couldn't find the last piece. It seemed that the father-son duo were always missing something. In more ways than one.

"Taemin, is this what you're looking for?" called a voice from the doorway. The toddler stood up and slowly walked over to Minjung, who held something in her outstreched hand. Peering into her palm, the boy excitedly snatched the last piece and returned to his place on the floor, fitting it in the empty space in the puzzle.

"YES! I DID IT!" He cheered, jumping up and down. Kibum chuckled, it may have only been a twelve-piece puzzle, but it made Taemin happy. He gave his son a high-five, then started picking up the puzzle and putting it back in the box.

"Hey, thanks for letting me make a mess of your kitchen." Minjung said. "Minsuk's gonna get here earlier than we thought, so I had to find a different place for the cake. Wouldn't be much of a surprise if he caught me baking it." She laughed. Kibum smiled, not minding a bit.

"It's no problem. It'll be great to finally see him again. Party still happening at 5?" He asked, walking her to the door with his son in his arms.

"Absolutely! Go ahead and bring Taeminnie too. You know my mom love to spoil him. I'll see you two tomorrow!" She called as she left. Kibum shut the door and carried Taemin upstair to his bedroom, tucking him in and turning on his nightlight.

"I love you daddy." Taemin cooed sleepily, kissing his father on the cheek. Kibum returned the gesture, and moved to turn of the light. "Hey daddy? I fink Minjung should come and make cakes more. She's a good mommy friend" he mumbled, drifting off at the end.

Life is like a puzzle, in a way. Kibum thought as he padded into his own room, falling into his bed.

Sometimes, you just need help finding the missing piece.

Tags: !girlee, oneshot, prompted, sanshiba, shinee

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