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Character Bios

I was debating writing a Power Rangers series with a friend and i'm just putting these up for entertainment.

The Good Guys:

Brenna: Yellow Ranger
The "Iron Chef" at the local hangout. She's got a big heart and no tolerance for mischief. An excellent cook. Her Irish blood is obvious. (Red hair, green eyes, etc...)
Love Interest: Torrence

Ivan: Blue Ranger
One of the foreign exchange students (from Russia). He's here to learn and he's not about to let a few pesky monsters get in his way. Speaks fluent Japanese.

Pam (Pamela Martinez): Pink Ranger
Despite her small sttature, this chica is NOT somebody you want to mess with. Beneath her feminine exterior lies a mechanical genius who's always working on a new machine. She may be small, but she's fully capable of lifting heavy car parts and machinery by herself. # finds and rebuilds Alpha.

Torrence: Red Ranger
The leader of the team. Convinced he's going to be a rockstar, and is often seen jamming with his band. Goes through a color-switch at some point.
New Colors: Black & Blue

Arthur "ACE": Black
Thought to be an undisciplined punk as he's typically seen with the group of kids who hold breakdancing battles behind the school after class. Ace actually studies Bushido - The way of the Samurai. He spends his evenings helping his stepdad with their shop, which causes him to fall asleep in class a lot. Also speaks Japanese and becomes good friends with Ivan.

Mr. Sullivan: ???
The Student Teacher. Has a very important role to play later in the series. Discovers the identities of the rangers at some point.

Mecha Suit:
A mechanical ranger capable of piloting any of the zords if a ranger is too injured to battle. Often called in as backup when things get hairy.

The Bad Guys:

Geminius: An evil being with 2 faces. Seeks to conquer Earth and rebuild his kingdom there. 2 minds, twice as evil.

Kami: Geminius' monster maker. Her drawings and pantings are able to come to life, so Geminius makes her draw monsters to defeat the rangers. Cursed and trapped in Geminius' service, she wants freedom and will do anything to get it. Still evil even though she's a prisoner.

Garble (a rat) & Gobble (a cat):
The Squat & Baboo of the series. Extremely fat animal-like creatures. mostly included for comic relief.

Mister X:
The Goldar of the series. A masked warrior with an X-shaped scar across his chest (think Tuxedo Mask). Seeks a battle with the ultimate warrior.


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