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Sooo, i was hanging at the pool with my brother's girlfriend and we started talking about fic writing and both ended up doing a prompt fic. She told me to write something Big Bang, which was not all that helpful, but then the words "nude beach" came out of her mouth and this was born. Here, take it. I don't even know what this is anymore.

"Hyuuung, how much farther?" Dawesung whined. Jiyong tuned to give his bandmate an irritated look.
""We're supposed to meet the others at the beach, and knowing Seunghyun-hyung, it'll be close to the hotel. It can't be too much farther."
Jiyong trudged on through the park, leaving Daesung behind with all of their equipment. Daesung stumbled along behind his leader, grumbling about hyungs and their inability to read maps, and the price of French taxis. He looked up when his feet hit sand only to find that Jiyong had disappeared. Muttering to himself some more about his sneaky leader, he stopped mid-rant when he fully realized where he was. This was the beach, that was for sure, but he doubted it was the one they were looking for. Nude sunbathers covered the area, lounging in the sand, playing in the water, and a few people throwing frisbees around. Blinking rapidly, Daesung shook his head to clear the image from his mind. He turned around intending to find Jiyong and forget it completely, but to his horror, Jiyong had found him.
"Daesung-ah, what are you doing back here?" he asked.
"I got lost! I was following you but then you weren't there and I found the beach but it wasn't the right one."
"Youfound it? But it's supposed to be further down! Jiyong said, pushing past the younger singer.
"Wait! Hyung! Don't go ov-"
"WHOAH!" Jyong's eye's were wide as saucers when he came back. "Daesung, I can't believe you! You ditched me to come check out naked women?
"What? No! I got lost! I wasn’t-" Daesung protested, but Jiyong wasn’t listening.
"Wait until the others hear this!"
Great. Jiyong would tell Seungri, and Seungri would tell everyone. Daesung was doomed.

I was also given permission to post her little drabble here. For a first time writing fanfic and from a girl who claims to be "god-awful" at writing, it's pretty cute and it's not horrible. I told her to write something about Key and Taemin trying to make breakfast and Taemin messing it up, and this is what she gave me.

"Keeeey! I'm hungryyyyyy!" Complains taemin as he tries to wake up Key.
"Then go make something!" Replies Key.
"But I want you to do it. I like your pancakes."
"I'm not getting up Tae."
"Fine," Taemin leaves for the kitchen mumbling to himself, "Lazy bum." He looks around trying to find all the ingredients. "Hmm... well this can't be too hard..." As he cooks he turns on some music and starts to dance. Suddenly he smells something burning. Key obviously smelled it also because he came rushing out of his room, noticing a huge cloud of smoke.
"Tae! What did you do!?"
"I was just making some pancakes" whined Tae.
"Well you almost burned down the house!"
"Well i tried getting you so make them..."
"Ugh, Tae you're hpeless..." Key says while slightly smiling. Tae pauses for a second.
", how about those pancakes?"

So, leave a little review or something for a first time writer and I'll make sure she sees it! :D

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