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Untitled Optional Bias scenario

Basically a younger friend wrote some pretty good smut and challenged me to give it a try and this is what i came up with. It's not full smut but still probably NSFW ....soooo yeah...

A long drawn-out moan echoed through the room. You look up from your task to gaze at the person making such sweet sounds. You have your lover bound to the bed, wrists tied to the headboard next to his shoulders. His slim body is covered in a long, loose dress shirt down to his smooth creamy thighs, legs spread wide on either side of you. He shudders, breathing heavily. You know what he wants, but you're determined to finish what you started. You hook a hand under one of his knees and push his legs even further apart before leaning down to run your tongue over one of the several bite marks you'd left there. You slowly kiss and lick your way up his leg, taking time to run your lips over every single mark. You stop and press a kiss to the inside of his knee before switching to the other leg and repeating the process from his knee all the way back down. You stop again at the base of his thigh and sink your teeth into the soft flesh, making him hiss in a mix of pleasure and pain. You stay here for several minutes, leaving a large mark just below the juncture of his leg. You grin when you feel his erection twitch against your cheek, his flesh hot even through the fabric of the panties he's wearing; your favorite pair of panties. Sliding your arms under his thighs, you grab his hips to keep him in place. Just to be naughty you lean in and run your tongue up the length of his cock.
"Noona!" He gasps, back arching sharply, hands jerking against the restraints. You growl possessively and repeat the action, mouthing over his cock for a bit. By now he's squirming in your grip, panting harshly.
"Noona- noona please!" he begs, head thrashing from side to side. You decide to finally give him what he wants now that you've had your fun. After all, he's been such a good boy. You pull away and sit up, brushing his long blonde hair out of his face and pressing a kiss to his open mouth. He moans into your mouth when your fingers run over his erection before sliding under the fabric of the panties and pulling them down his long, glorious legs. After he kicks them off you slide down his body, pressing kisses to the side of his neck on the way down, and settle back in your previous spot. You dive right in, taking him into your mouth and running your tongue over every inch of him, making him moan loudly. You have to grip his hips again to stop him from thrusting into your mouth, but you continue bobbing up and down. He whimpers, biting his lip in a futile attempt to stop the moans that are fighting to be heard. He's not going to last long, not with how tight you've got him wound. Experience tells you the closer he gets to cumming the louder he'll get, just the way you like it. You're not disappointed when you focus your attention on the head of his cock. He arches and frantically tries to buck his hips, desperately seeking his release as more of those beautiful moans burst from his lips. At last you release his hips and take him all the way down to the base, swallowing around him as he crashes over the edge, peaking with a sharp cry just short of a scream. You take a moment to admire him as you pull off. He's beautiful like this, eyes shut tight, chest heaving, hair falling into his face, mouth hanging slightly open as he tries to catch his breath. You reach up to untie his arms with a fond smile, not at all surprised when he nearly collapses to the side and pulls you down to lay with him. He presses your lips together tiredly, fighting sleep in the wake of his orgasm.
"Noona, I love you," he says before drifting off. You smile contentedly, pressing a chaste kiss to his forehead. You love him too, and there's nothing you'd rather be doing than making your baby feel good. You slowly follow your love to dreamland, only slightly dreading the earful his manager is going to give you in the morning when he sees the bruises on your boyfriend's legs.
Tags: optional bias, rating: r, scenario

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